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If I were a Florida person…

I’m a four seasons person. I like spring, in fact, I love late spring! The early flowers blooming, birds returning, putting away winter coats… Ah yes, I love late spring.    Here are twin fawns who were born beside our pond … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Winter

It’s March in Michigan. That means winter is still here but spring is coming! We still have lots of snow. The temperature this morning is 36 but it’s supposed to go up as high as in the 50’s today. We … Continue reading

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Heidi and Caicai

Pets are perfect therapy! I’ve done two unrelated things to help take the stress off myself. Here’s one: Heidi is a beautiful dog, a Yellow Lab Husky from Alaska. Dogs are such good therapy. Heidi belongs to Jennifer, my brother … Continue reading

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Eagle Sighting

This morning I became sooo excited! I know it doesn’t take much to excite me… But let me explain. We had just driven out of our driveway onto the road in front of our property when I saw it! A … Continue reading

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I love birds, along with all wildlife. I don’t like it when woodpeckers peck on my log house! We have lots of Downy woodpeckers and Hairy woodpeckers. They don’t bother us too often but once in a while…! They love … Continue reading

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The Butterfly House

This morning son, Rob, and I took five kids to the Butterfly House. Fun…fun…fun! On the walk from the entrance to the butterfly house we saw these ducks in the stream. This is Haleigh, Bella was on crutches because she … Continue reading

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Fowls of the Air

We love to feed the birds in our back yard and have many, many different birds come regularly. So no matter where we are I love to watch and identify the birds. I taken pictures of many of them. This … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 13 USA Minnesota

                         We crossed back into the USA in Northern Minnesota. Driving through northern Minnesota is a beautiful drive. This church was so picturesque I snapped it.  I missed many good shots … Continue reading

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By now my readers know how I love living in the woods and watching wild life right here in our own yard. Living in the woods we never know what might come wandering through! We’ve seen a lot! Let me … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 13 USA Montana Part 3

Driving across Montana is fun and interesting for the most part. We loved the mountains and watching for wild life. We saw lots of nests built by Osprey as well as the big birds themselves. In the first picture here … Continue reading

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