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Our Dream Fulfilled

Way back in early 1959 as Jerry and I were dreaming of our lives together, I said I wanted us to travel the world, like my parents had done!  Jerry stated, in a matter of fact tone, that first of … Continue reading

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Travel Log #2 Gent, Belgium, Part 2 The Castle

I read about and dreamed about castles in my childhood. I never dreamed I’d actually get to see one and even go in it! But here we were! Thank you, Ronald and Vivian. The first picture is of Jerry, Jasper … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 2 Gent, Belgium

Our host family wanted to take us somewhere interesting and they did!!! We went to Gent, Belgium. So, we’re still on the same trip but in another country! In Gent there is a big castle! W’d never been in a … Continue reading

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Travel Log #1 The Netherlands, Part 7 Time To Say Good-bye

Time flies when you’re having fun… It certainly was true here. The ten days went by so quickly. We had a fabulous time! Picture #2 shows Jerry and me back at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We’re loaded down…mainly with wooden … Continue reading


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The Netherlands Part 6 The Ten Boom Clock Shop and The Hiding Place

 Walking through Haarlem we finally came to the ten Boom Clock Shop and the Hiding Place! What a thrill! This was a dream come true! In fact, we arrived a short time before a tour would be beginning through the … Continue reading

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The Netherlands Part 5 Haarlem

One day Vivian asked where we would like to go in The Netherlands, anywhere, the one place we’ve always wanted to go to. Without hesitation at all I said, “I would like to see the ten Boom Watch Shop and … Continue reading

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The Netherlands Part 4 The North Sea

One day we went to the North Sea! I was so excited…Norway is on the North Sea! My mother is full-blooded Norwegian, my great-great grandparents came to America from Norway! But when we got to the North Sea we couldn’t … Continue reading

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The Netherlands Part 3 Wooden Shoe Factory

We had such a fun and educational day at the wooden shoe factory in Clinge, Holland! The man explained each step to us. My pictures haven’t stayed in the correct order so you can see the steps to making the … Continue reading

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The Netherlands Part 2 – Windmills and Houses

Windmills are every where. Every town has a windmill and they are scattered throughout the countryside. They are so fascinating and picturesque! This windmill is at Sluis. The houses fascinated me too! I love the old architecture. Notice the bedding hanging … Continue reading

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The Netherlands Travel Log #1

Jerry and I went to The Netherlands in 1994! Was it really that long ago?! We flew into Schiphol Airport between Amsterdam and Haarlem. Our hostess, Vivian, was there to meet us with her mother, Annie. We drove to St … Continue reading

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