2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,800 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Are You With Me?

I’ve had to make the switch from allinthedayofme.com to allinadayofme.com because I used up all the space for pictures. I just can’t afford to pay to upgrade and buy more space. Please understand, I’m not trying to be difficult. I value my readers so please join me! Simply change the to a and you’ll find me! 

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Make The Switch

I’ve had to start a new blog because I’ve used up all my space on this one for pictures! So ???????????????????????????????please go to allinadayofme.wordpress.com  Hmmmm…this picture posted!!! Oh well! This is the Pacific Ocean at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

I changed one word: the to a. It may take a little while to get used to it, even for me! allinthedayofme to allinadayofme.

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Making a Decision

I don’t like choices. I don’t like making tough decisions. I’m having to make one here.

I love blogging. I love my blog http://allinthedayofme.com. However, I’ve come to the end of space for placing pictures with my postings. I already have paid for the first level beyond free, so I’ll lose that. But I just can’t justify paying more to increase my space.

So…here’s the choice I’m making. I’m starting a new blog. I know I’ll lose some of my followers and I’m sorry about that. I hope you’ll find me. I’m trying to come up with a new name that will catch you!!!

How about allinadayofme, just change the to a. I think I’ll try it. Please join me, okay?


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People Watching

There’s no better place to people watch then in downtown Chicago! I was there, last week, by myself. I wasn’t lonely, I was surrounded by people of all sorts and sizes! Most of the people barely knew I was there. A few returned smiles to me! Oh, I wanted to take pictures so badly! But I didn’t…I respected their privacy. I simply watched, smiled and sometimes said a friendly, “Hello!” We are all created by God!

Let me see if I can paint some pictures with words. There were many Caucasian folks, as you would expect. They were all sizes and shapes. Some were North American but many were European and South American. I knew that by listening to their conversations. Having been an ESL tutor for many years and hearing many languages spoken regularly, I’m able to recognize several languages even though I don’t speak them. These folks were dressed in every imaginable type of clothing from dress suits and ties and beautiful dresses; to slacks and sport shirts, skirts/pants and attractive tops; to jeans and t-shirts; to shorts and halters; to…

Most interesting were the different costumes ethnic folks wore. A large group of Muslim folks walked by. Women in long, silky printed attire, beautifully draped around and flowing downward. Heads covered with only their faces exposed…

Two young Jewish men dressed in black, including black hats, walked by and then returned a few minutes later, giving me a second look at them. One was dark-haired, one was red-haired with a beard. They each had long ringlets hanging on each side of their faces but no long hair in back.

Amish. Dressed in black or dark purple or blue. Men and boys with bowl hair cuts, sporting tall black hats, women wearing long dresses, black shoes of work styles, head coverings of different styles of white caps. There is no mistaking this people group.

There were many Oriental folks with high-tech cameras! They all seemed to be serious photographers! They were more interested in the tall buildings then in the folks around them. But I must admit I took pictures of the tall buildings too!

I saw many shades of dark-skinned people, some different shades of tan, some black. Tall, exquisitely dressed, unique hair styles: they stood out among the crowd of every size and shade. Many were average, everyday folks, dressed casually. Some looked very poor, possibly homeless.

Finally I entered Union Station to wait for my train to take me home to Michigan. I was in for more fascinating people watching as I entered the waiting area packed with folks waiting for their particular train.  There were no seats available so I leaned against a wall near my gate and gazed over the sea of faces so close to me.

I have never seen so many Amish people in all my life! They won’t fly or drive cars but apparently trains are okay! I was able to just stand and observe them. The bearded men were dressed in white shirts but some were in dark blue shirts, black pants with suspenders, tall black hats and black work shoes. There were some teenage boys that I admit I felt sorry for because of their bowl hair cuts! The women wore black or dark purple or dark blue long dresses with long sleeves and black shoes. Many of the shoes were like work shoes. Most of the women wore little white caps on their heads but some wore black bonnets! Sitting near me was a row of eight Amish women. Some were reading books. Some were visiting. There was one woman sitting in the middle of them who stuck out like a sore thumb! She had on a light purple dress, a little shorter than the others dresses and gold flip-flops! She had a little white cap on her long hair and was talking and laughing with the others so I knew she was with them! Oh, I wanted to sneak a picture of this row of women so badly! But I didn’t…I have a very clear picture of them in my mind! I finally decided this colorful woman must have turned Mennonite so she had more freedom then the others.

A little boy, about four years of age, walked by me with his daddy. He looked at me, smiled and waved! I smiled and waved back! After a train finally left there were some seats available so I sat down. The little boy and his daddy sat near me. He kept smiling at me. Finally, I asked, “Do I remind you of your grandma?” “No,” he replied, “You remind me of my nana!” He had some snacks he was eating and wanted to share with me. His daddy said okay so I was given a small donut, still in the package, thank goodness. I ate it but it wasn’t very good, kind of stale! Then he asked his daddy if he could give me some pop corn! I saw his daddy nod. The little boy started to hand me three, his daddy, thankfully, told him to let me get me own out of the bag.  The little boy held the bag out so I took three and ate them! What a thoughtful little boy! He must really love his nana! I wondered if they were going to visit her. They soon boarded a train. I’ll never see him again but I’ll never forget him!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was finally time to board my train. I hoped to sit forward and to have a seat by myself. I was fortunate to find both to my liking. I had lots of leg room and plenty of room to stretch out with a large window to look out of and wonder if Jerry would be there to meet me…

He was! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love to travel!  But coming home is the best!




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I recently was flying with a lay-over of a few hours between planes. I had some unexpected entertainment!

The first was a little mouse! I actually hate mice! But this one was so brave! Oh, well, okay…maybe he was just hungry! I watched him dart out among folks sitting and eating and dropping crumbs. He was very quick! I tried to take his picture but he was too quick for me!

The second was a bit more intriguing. The plane ahead of my plane, at the same gate, was delayed leaving. Everyone was on board and the door closed. But suddenly there was action! The phone at the desk rang, a call was made out, two security men arrived, doors opened and they walked down the corridor to the plane. More phone calls and three more policemen arrived, also going down the corridor and entering the plane. From where I was sitting I could see, through the small space between the corridor and the plane, all the action of the men entering and exiting the plane. It held my attention, in fact, it was kind of scary…exciting?! What was happening? Finally they exited the plane: two ticket agents, five security men, one lone man. The plane was finally free to go. I’m sure there were folks who missed their connecting flights and were upset. They were probably also relieved! The man in question was no longer on the plane.

I’m a curious person by nature. I finally received an answer to my questions of what happened, who was this man, why was he taken off the plane, etc. First let me describe the man to you. He was a big man, tall, muscular, not fat. His head was shaved clean. He had on black skinny pants and a black wool coat. It was too hot for a winter coat but that’s what it looked like. It went not quite half way to his knees. So picture a large man, dressed all in black with his head shaved. A person sitting near him, beside him(?), heard him talking on his cell phone. Whatever he heard scared him into thinking this man was a terrorist! He reported his suspicions to a flight attendant, he/she reported it to the pilot, the pilot called the ticket agent, the ticket agent called security. The man was deplaned. I’m sure the folks on the plane were greatly relieved although upset because the plane was leaving so late, causing some to miss connections.

The plane finally left, leaving the gate available for my plane to land. After thorough questioning the man was released and given a free night lodging at a motel. It was all a mistake, he was not a terrorist even though he looked the part.

Now, let’s move forward a week. I’m on my way home and going through security, ready to take my computer, personal cleansing products, cell phone, etc. and place them into bins. Because I’m old I don’t have to take my shoes off any more. It was suddenly announced: Don’t take anything out of your cases, including computers. Don’t take off your shoes. What? Nothing was inspected! Our bags went through the inspection machine but we simply walked through security and picked up our bags at the end of the line.

Does this make sense? Not to me… While I don’t like going through security, it does make me feel somewhat safer. With our world in the troubled position that it’s in today shouldn’t security be even more strict? Anyone could have gotten through with most anything!!!

Hopefully I’ll arrive home safely late tonight. I’ll be happy to be with my husband again and my grandchildren who live next door! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ??????????????????????????????? This is Haleigh, Elmise, Armon and Tyler. Only Tyler won’t be there, he’s off studying in college. Oh, I love traveling but I love going home even more!!!

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Haleigh and I Are Going to Mexico

My granddaughter, Haleigh and I are going to Mexico! We haven’t decided on a date yet. We just found out we’re going today! We’re so excited! Let me tell you how it came about…



Haleigh and I have been talking about going on a trip together, even just an overnighter, for several months. She, more than I, because I just couldn’t see it happening. The last time we talked about it I finally said, “Well, we can dream!” We’ve not talked about it since. I have prayed about us going somewhere together but didn’t really expect it to happen.

I’ve been at our denomination East Michigan family camp all week. Every morning there is a service we can attend where field workers (missionaries) speak, telling about their work in whatever country they are working and living. This year we had a family from China and a family from Mexico. They were both fascinating to listen to. I’ve been to Mexico but have only dreamed of going to China.

An offer was made to send someone to Mexico, all expenses paid! We were to write a name on a paper with contact information added. A name would be drawn on Friday and that person would be given the trip to Mexico.

I was about to write my name on a paper when the thought was impressed on my mind that here was an opportunity for Haleigh and me to go on a trip together! I wrote Haleigh’s name on the paper. We could put more then one paper and name in at a time so I wrote her name on two papers every day. Many folks put in more than one paper each day.

We came home yesterday so I wasn’t there to hear the name read today… I got a phone call telling me. The name read was my granddaughter, Haleigh! “Are you sure?” I asked and was assured, yes, it was Haleigh!

Oh yes, I’ll have to pay my way but Haleigh’s way will be all paid!

We’re going on a trip together! Our dream is coming true!!! I’ll write again when we have more details to tell you.

I know I’m writing on Friday instead of Monday but I couldn’t wait!!! I’m excited!!! Haleigh and I are going to Mexico!!!

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Where did the week go? I said I’d write a new post every Monday…so here we are!

My granddaughter, Bella, was here for two weeks. She’s a delightful girl with a very pleasant personality. I can’t believe she’s 12 years old already. I have another granddaughter, Elmise, adopted from Haiti, who is also 12 years old and also very sweet! She lives next door…’over the river and through the woods’ as the poem goes! At 12 years of age hair is a big deal!!! Elmise spent hours on Bella’s hair! ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  But then…Elmise had just had to sit for hours while her hair was braided and braided and braided…Elmise hair '14  Friends from Haiti were visiting so they braided Elmise’s hair into tiny braids just a few days earlier! It took several hours. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a picture of Elmise with her many braids. It was taken a few months ago so it was from a different hair time but you can see how tiny the braids are. She’s a lovely granddaughter!

Saturday Elmise made long curls in Bella’s hair. I took lots of pictures. Elmise is very talented! So here is one picture to show how it looked in the back on Sunday. ??????????????????????????????? Friday Bella’s dad, Ted and sister, Sydney, another granddaughter of mine, came to join us. Sydney had been in Ecuador for ten days so she and Bella were especially happy to be together again. I took lots of sister pictures! We had a photo shoot! ??????????????????????????????? Picture one is in our house on the stairway. Sydney had her hair cut shortly before her trip and she gave her hair to Locks of Love. I think that’s what it’s called. Donated hair is made into wigs for cancer patients. She looks very grown up with her new hair style! ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????  We have so much fun when we do photo shoots. In this close up photo they were swinging in a lawn swing! The yellow flower in Bella‘s hair is one I brought back from Hawaii last fall!  Aren’t her curls lovely? I think they are. Elmise, you’re very talented!!!   (I don’t know why this is underlined! I didn’t do it!)

I’m envious of my granddaughters. I don’t have pictures of my sister and me when we were young and very few when we were old! Now my sister, Lorraine, is gone. So I love to take pictures of sisters. ??????????????????????????????? Here is a favorite pose of mine. Sydney and Bella, sisters. So ends the photo shoot for July 6, 2014.

And so ends my blog post for Monday, July 7, 2014. I’ll feature other grandchildren as time goes by. I have 15 you know! I love them all with no favorites. Each one is so special to me.


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Happy Birthday, Vel

Happy Birthday, Vel! We aren’t getting any younger, are we, although you’re younger than photo (14) - Copy I am! I hope you’re having a good day! I hope that brother of mine, Bill, is up to giving you a good day! You’re my good sister-in-law to show patience and understanding in his pain. I admire you. Is Bill up to taking you out for dinner? Are your kids, Lisa, Woody, Chris and Jennifer, celebrating with you? How are you feeling? I wish for you a wonderful, super fun, gigantically great day!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Vel. Thank you for giving her to Bill! Please touch her body, giving her relief from arthritis. Watch over her as she keeps house, drives and helps Bill. She’s a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend and neighbor. Please keep her close to You. Thank You for her relationship with You. I love Vel and You love her even more!  

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All in Several Days of Me…

I’m trying to become better organized. I think it’s about time. I’m only 75 1/2 years old. My blogging has been pretty much hit or miss. When something strikes me I Mewrite about it. But I was kind of challenged the other day by a fellow blogger to post on a certain day of the week, every week. So I’m thinking Monday will be my day to write on my blog. Mondays are always slow days for me. I don’t know why, it’s just always been that way. We don’t party hard on weekends like some folks. We’re pretty laid back. Saturday’s we work on the yard or in the house, Sunday mornings we go to church and twice a month have a small group meeting at our house in the evening. But Mondays I just drag around the house, totally worn out!!! So I think I could write a post on Monday while I’m not doing too much of any thing else.

So, okay…what am I going to write about? I could write about the creepy crawlers I’ve taken pictures of lately. Like a spider! ??????????????????????????????? He/she was so big and ugly. I took this in South Carolina at my daughter’s house. He’s in a plastic bucket here, outside, on the back deck and can’t get out. Thank goodness!

The back yard, of my daughter’s house, goes down to a small lake.  They do lots of fishing and so do other folks. I loved going down and just sitting in the boat, listening and watching. The sounds are of birds and frogs, sometimes a splash, as a fish jumps! There are lots of turtles. I’ve seen several but they are so cautious and quick. They’re not really creepy though!

I managed to get sort-of a picture of one climbing onto a dead log. It almost looks like two but the lower one is just a reflection in the water.??????????????????????


???????????????????????????????  This is an interesting feather Jerry found out by our front deck. In fact it was about the same place as a whole pile of feathers we found one morning that we decided could be from a bird that was supper for an owl! I looked this feather up on the internet and it could be an owl’s feather! We’ve seen two owls at different times and hear them every now and then. I’ll have to keep my eyes open, maybe I’ll see one again!

I’ve also had some beautiful blossoms in my yard.This is a lovely peony that was blooming. It’s done now. ??????????????????????????????? Tiger Lily '14 This is one of several Tiger Lily’s that bloom every spring. I didn’t plant them but I sure love them when they bloom!

All creatures: lovely or ugly, were created by God!


I love to blog. I think all of my readers know this fact. I’ve been quite frustrated lately, however. In the last few months I’ve been logged out twice. I didn’t log myself out and for some reason I couldn’t get logged back in! I don’t know why. I hope it wasn’t Wordpress’s fault. A friend has helped me twice now to get logged back in. Thank you, Linda! I owe you!!! 🙂  I started this post a week ago and then something happened and I couldn’t get in to finish it! So here I am again, hopefully, for a long time of blogging happily! I hope I haven’t lost any readers. I love ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ as most bloggers do.

Life is not all roses in this blogger’s life. Almost a year ago I lost my mother, almost two years ago I lost my only sister, about a month ago I almost lost my oldest brother!  He’s on the mend now, thank the Lord!

My brother has several medical problems, among them was a terrible sore on his foot. So terrible, in fact, his surgeon wanted to amputate his foot! Another surgeon stepped in and said if he was given a chance he thought he could save my brothers foot and treat the sore for healing! So my brother and sister-in-law changed surgeons! Before my brother was ‘put under’ for the surgery the new surgeon asked if he could pray with my brother! Of course! The surgeon prayed for God to guide his hands and fingers and to be with my brother in a healing way! God answered his prayer! My brother is home now after an extended hospital stay; he has in-home health care, he can’t walk yet, but he’s doing so much better and is definitely on the mend! I’ll be going out in a few weeks to give his wife a break in caring for him. I’d go sooner but my calendar is full! If an emergency comes up…I’ll be there!

So there you have a big chunk of what is going on in my days. Oh, there’s more. But this is enough for now.

I believe God is in-control, even when it doesn’t look like it!






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