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Happy Birthday, Isabella

Happy Birthday, Bella! I can’t believe you’re 12 years old! Time is just flying by!   I just took this picture of you a couple of days ago when you were here visiting us. You have such a bright smile! A … Continue reading

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What a Lovely Time

  Here is my beautiful family who came to visit over Easter! Bella, Ted and Sydney! Sydney is standing on a lower step, she’s not really that short! Aren’t they beautiful?! One of my lovely families! I have four more… … Continue reading

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A Typical Day All In The Day Of Me

This morning I woke up between 5:00 and 5:30 AM. I wonder why I wake up so early now that I don’t have to wake up early!? I was up and downstairs before 6:00 AM. Coffee starts making at 6:30. … Continue reading

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Butterfly House With My Grandchildren

Butterfly House. Video

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The Butterfly House

This morning son, Rob, and I took five kids to the Butterfly House. Fun…fun…fun! On the walk from the entrance to the butterfly house we saw these ducks in the stream. This is Haleigh, Bella was on crutches because she … Continue reading

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I’m not sure what these flowers are but this butterfly was kind and posed for my camera!             If you look closely you’ll see three butterflies, each on a separate flower! The butterflies are all … Continue reading

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Walking Around My Yard

I love to just stroll around my yard. We live in the woods so we don’t have a lot of sun which, of course, makes it hard to grow flowers. But what I have I love. They are planted here … Continue reading

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Butterfly House # 2

There are so many different species of butterflies in the Butterfly House at Dow Gardens. We’re blessed to have such a wonderful place to go and even at a reasonable price so we can afford to go more than just once! The … Continue reading

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Butterfly House

We went to the Dow Gardens Butterfly House yesterday. By we, I mean Haleigh, Elmise and Armon, three of my grandchildren. We had a lot of fun! Because it’s spring break there were lots of people there but it was … Continue reading

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The Butterfly House is open! It’s so fun! This is a picture of my son, Rob, and a Blue Morpho Butterfly! I remember last year how hard we tried to  get a good picture of a Blue Morpho Butterfly and … Continue reading

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