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# 1 Andrew Henry

Our very first grandchild was Andrew Henry. Our pride swelled to unknown heights! He was the pride and joy of his parents and of us, his grandparents. When he was almost, but not quite three years old, he stayed with … Continue reading

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# 3 Kaleb Timothy

Our third grandchild and third grandson is Kaleb Timothy. He’s our only Canadian grandson. This picture was taken when we went to visit the family in Regina, Sask. when he was just a little kid! He’s in our 5th wheel … Continue reading

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# 5 Annesley Mae

Annie was our first granddaughter. We loved our grandsons more than I can tell, but we were thrilled to finally have a granddaughter. Annesley was named after Susanna Wesley’s maiden name, Annesley. Annie’s our only Canadian granddaughter. She lived in … Continue reading


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# 2 Matthew William

# 2.  Matthew is the grandchild who is loved and is the favorite of all the other grandchildren! Whenever the whole family got together poor Matthew was swarmed and pestered by all the other kids! Actually, I think he liked … Continue reading

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# 13 Mason Gerald

 An aspiring sportsman. Mason loves playing all sports but right now he’s into Lacrosse. It’s a rough game but he’s a tough kid! He loved riding the go-cart when they came to visit us this summer. This go-cart has been … Continue reading

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# 8 Haleigh Korina

Haleigh is my dancing granddaughter. She loves to dance! She’s good at dancing and would love to go to dance school. She has a heart for little children. She’s sponsoring a little girl in Africa. They write to each other … Continue reading

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# 10 Sydney Danielle

Sydney is my horse girl. She’s living out my dream. I always wanted a horse. Now she’s learning to ride and good horsemanship. She’s a good student and rider. Sydney is also a flute player. She went to Blue Lake … Continue reading

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