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Adapting to Change…Dance

Dance…an interesting topic. When I was a child and all the way through the years, dancing was forbidden by my parents and by my church. It would lead to sexual promiscuity, don’t you know?! When we had dancing at school, … Continue reading

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Christmas at School

Last evening we went to our grandchildren’s school for their Christmas program. Jerry wasn’t sure he wanted to go because of all the noise, congestion and traffic, etc. I mentioned how much it would mean to our grandkids. Pretty soon … Continue reading

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# 8 Haleigh Korina

Haleigh is my dancing granddaughter. She loves to dance! She’s good at dancing and would love to go to dance school. She has a heart for little children. She’s sponsoring a little girl in Africa. They write to each other … Continue reading

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Grace & Beauty

Two of my granddaughters, Haleigh and Elmise, were in a dance recital. Jerry and I were invited and of course, we went. It was very well done, I’m proud of them. This is the first year their school has had … Continue reading

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