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My Favorite Photos in 2012

My Favorite Photos in 2012.

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Travel Log # 13 USA Montana Part 2

I love traveling through Montana! The Big Sky! I have stepped out of our car and actually felt the big sky all around me! I love it! We’ve driven across Montana on highway # 2 many times. It takes us on … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 13 USA Part 4 Colorado

The beautiful Rocky Mountains. It’s now 2012. My parents moved west and lived in Oregon and Washington for many years. After my dad died in 2005 my mother decided to move back to Colorado. So I’ve been making trips to … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 13 USA Part 3 Colorado, Horn Peak Mountain

A couple more years have past and we’re back visiting my parents on Horn Peak Mountain. Jerry stopped so I could take a picture of Horn Peak Mountain       Horn Peak Mountain, in Custer County, is 13, 450 … Continue reading

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Found…Three More

I don’t remember who I made this snowman for because I’ve made two or three snowmen. They are so easy to make…and fun! Some friends adopted three brothers a few years ago. Well, the boys are grown up now. But … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 9 Mexico 1994 & 1995 Part 3 Hiking

Looking at the mountains off in the not too far distance some of us got a yearning to climb! Jerry and I love to hike. We could see what looked like a black cave so that became our goal. We’d … Continue reading

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