The Big Race

Imagine a race between a guy 22 years and a woman 75 years! Take into consideration the handicaps…he was pushing a wheelchair with Jerry in it! I was pulling a small suitcase along with a flight bag perched on top!

He looked at me and said, “Want to race?!” We both laughed and began running! He ran down the corridor…I ran down the moving walkway! There was no one ahead of me! It’s a good thing!  ?????????????????????????????????????????

Who won? It was a tie!!! What fun! We were both laughing so hard! I’m sure that young man will never forget helping this old couple through the airport!

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Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You’ve been gone now for 7 1/2 years. It doesn’t seem possible because I still miss you so much… You were a good dad to me. I always loved you and was so proud of you. In just four days you would have had your 96th birthday! You and Mother were married 72 years!

You were the youngest and the only one in a family of seven children to graduate from high school. You enjoyed being on the debate team. During your college freshmen and into your sophomore year you were on the college debate team. Your dream and plan was to become a lawyer!  This was in 1929 and that’s the year  America experienced the Crash…You dropped out of college and got the only job you could find, as a cook’s helper in a large hotel. Glen cook  A few years later you met the girl of your dreams.   Corina grad  Glen picture to Corina0005 You married and as time went on, three children were born, I was the youngest. You advanced to become a chef! Williamson family 1939  Money was scarce and habits were formed that were bad and hard to break, but they were taking up much of your hard earned wages. Problems were developing.

Then one day you saw, in the newspaper, that some friends of yours were scheduled to sing in a church! You laughed as you told mother and suggested you both  go to hear them sing. They were friends who sang in the bars you went to!

So that evening you went and heard them sing so beautifully and then listened to a sermon like you’d never heard before! Your friends shared with you how their lives had been changed. Jesus could become personal to you, problems could become solved! After a few days of contemplating, you prayed for forgiveness and accepted Jesus as your personal Savior and Mother followed a few days later. What a difference it made in your lives and home!

As time went by you began to feel a tug and an urging to become a preacher! You followed the call on your life and became a pastor and later an evangelist.

Dad preaching

Another baby was born, making us a family of six. Richard, Lorraine, Glen, Anita, Corina and Billy.Family 1945  You also loved to travel and to write. I remember you telling Mother, one day when I was young, that when the children were raised you were going to take her around the world…and you did! You had 13 books published over the years.Scan_Pic0254

You were very successful in life but not having a college education was a hindrance to you and an embarrassment! When you were 70 years old you graduated with a BA and a MA!  I was so proud of you!

Even though life was a serious matter you still liked to have fun! Chicago0003 Here we were in the Museum of Science and Industry, in Chicago in the early 50’s. ?????????????????????????????? I caught you riding a Merry-Go-Round in Portland, Oregon in the late 70’s! Actually I was riding it too! Go-cart0098 You couldn’t resist riding our son’s go-cart when you came to visit in the late 70’s or early 80’s!

You were a great man who influenced folks and made friends all over the world. But you were my dad! I love you and I miss you. I’ll see you again some day!!!


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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Jerry and me! 55 years! We’re still in love!!! Wedding DayOur wedding day, Saturday, June 13, 1959. Today is Friday, June 13, 2014. I’m not a superstitious person, it’s a good thing…otherwise our day could be ruined with worry. We’ve had a few other anniversaries on Friday the 13th! But we’ve had a good marriage. We set some goals in those early days and we’ve seen them be accomplished: to have a Christian marriage and home; to have children; to travel to all the United States, to travel the world (my goal!); to build a log home and more.    Newly weds!0003Oh yes, we’ve had a few bumps along the way, who hasn’t? But we’re in love and will be in love to the end!  This picture was taken shortly after our honeymoon! We lived in this trailer while Jerry built our first house!4335 Monroe Rd0001           It wasn’t quite finished here but we were living in it already. We lived here for the births of three of our five children. living room 4335 Monroe0001Timmy, Teddy and Pammy. If this picture was in color you’d see that Pammy’s dress and the boy’s vests were matching red velvet! I made them!!!

Then Jerry built us a bigger house! 4335 Monroe Rd0002 Our family grew as two more babies were born! Family of seven0005 Pam, Ted, Tim, Robby and Christy! We needed a big house!

And they all grew up! So we decided to build our dream house! A log home! Log Home  FrontLog Home 002 Back.

Our five children have now given us 15 grandchildren and one granddaughter-in-law! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Matthew, Gene, Pam, Ted, Christy, Tim, Shauna, Rob, Jessica and Haleigh.  Kaleb, Annie, Anita, Jerry, Miller and Megan.                                                        Armon, Isabella, Elmise, Maddie and Mason. There are a few missing from this picture:  Son-in-law – Sean, Grandchildren –  Andrew and Katie, Max, Tyler, Sydney and I think that’s it…

So we’re back to Jerry and me. This was taken last fall on our cruise of the Hawaiian Islands! Our last state to visit making it all 50 states!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Us & MG  So now here we are riding off into the unknown! Well, it’s not completely unknown because as children of God we know we have a home waiting for us in heaven. But how many more years will we have together? We hope many but only God knows. Jerry is a cancer survivor so we have much to be thankful for! Life is good!!! Happy 55th anniversary!!!


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Molly Mama

I wrote about pregnant Molly just the other day. Well, today she is a mama! Six babies! photo (2) This picture doesn’t show all of them! She had six altogether! Two tan, two chocolate and two black! She’ll be a good mama! My problem is I won’t get to see them. I asked her to give birth while we were there visiting… But no, she waited until we were back home and then she had them! Such is life! God created these dogs and puppies that I love so!

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We met at Cracker Barrel! You know…it’s a wonderful place to meet and eat!??????????????????????????????? Christy, me and Susan.

???????????????????????????????Christy and Susan. Cousins just a few months apart in age but always many miles apart. We each drove an hour and a half and met in the middle! It was great!

Mason even went with us.Susan, Christy, Mason & me. '14 He was a good sport to be with all women! But he’s smiling!!! He’s a good grandson!

While we were together we called my brother, Richard. He’s Susan’s dad. He’s had some problems physically so we hope we cheered him up a bit with our call. I think we did.

Family is all important. Families were created by God!





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Temptation…To Use A Cane

Jerry and I were recently waiting in an airport for our connecting flight to home. Another couple was sitting across from us, they seemed a little older or very close in age to us. We’re in our upper 70’s. We smiled but didn’t visit with them.

The man was over weight and just sat. A cane was leaning on his flight bag.  The woman was spry and energetic. She was up and down, walking the corridor, looking in stores, going to the restroom, buying food to share with him, etc.

Finally, it was time to board the plane. Anyone with small children or needing assistance could board first. We went because Jerry needed assistance from our landing plane to this gate. We were surprised to see this other couple also boarding! Was it the same couple? Oh yes, the man had had a cane. Well, the man walked up with no assistance and the spry little woman came very slowly, leaning on the cane that had been by his flight bag! Was this the same woman? She had trouble walking down the corridor to board the plane! What happened here?

It reminded me of a few days earlier when we were at the graduation of our granddaughter. The auditorium was packed. Two rows in front of us were ‘reserved for folks with canes or needing assistance’. We watched as folks read the signs and were tempted to sit there but then went on up the steps to a regular row. When a person with a cane came and sat down, one other person could sit with them. What a relief it was to not have to climb the steps and find a seat.

We began to see how tempting it would be to come in with a cane just so we could sit there! We have some canes for whenever we’ll need to use one. I took a picture of them to show you! ???????????????????????????????   Some canes are very creative. We, also, each have a unique walking stick made by a friend of ours. (Not pictured)

Had this couple in the airport experienced the same thing, the temptation to use a cane so they get priority care? Were they yielding to the temptation to use a simple cane? Oh my…

It’s also a reminder to me to be honest in all my ways. We never know who is watching. Certainly the Lord is watching. As a Christian I want to be honest in all my dealings. I don’t want anyone to wonder if I’m a Christian. I am!

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Beauty in Nature

I saw these beautiful flowers in my daughter’s yard in South Carolina!??????????????????????  Hibiscus

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Hydrania      ???????????????????????????????  These line the back of Christy’s  house! They are blue, pink and white. The colors don’t show so well here. Take my word for it…it’s beautiful!

??????????????????????????????? Now we’re home and I picked this beautiful Iris in my own yard!  This blue flower on a vine is a Clematis. ??????????????????????????????? It’s beautiful! We were gone for a week to South Carolina so I was worried about my flowers but they look good! I’m so glad. I have lots more I’ll post later.

Flowers are created by God.


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Pregnant Molly

Molly is the sweetest, most well behaved dog ever! She’s a Yellow Lab.

???????????????????????????????  Oh, Molly is pregnant.???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  It’ll be over soon, Molly, I promise…                 ???????????????????????????????  She looks so miserable. I remember that feeling! I had five babies…one at a time! This is Molly’s first pregnancy. I remember my first time, being so sick and fearing I’d never feel normal again. Well, of course I did, soon after the baby was born.

Molly only has a few days left and her babies will be born! Oh happy day!!! She’ll have several. I wonder how many?! She was bred with a standard size Poodle! Her puppies will be Labradoodles! Preparations are being readied for the birth! Molly and her babies were created by God!

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Too Close To Home

BREAKING: One person was killed and three injured in a shooting today at Seattle Pacific University. A man in his 20s died soon after arrival at Harborview. A 20-year-old female is in critical condition, a 24-year-old male is in satisfactory condition and a 22-year-old male is in satisfactory condition.

The shooting, which occurred around 3:30 p.m., took place at Otto Miller Hall, an academic building, reported. Students took cover in their classroom and pulled down the blinds on doors. The university issued a lock-down after the shooting,

These statements were both taken from news on the internet.

SPU students praying '14  I don’t understand all these killings, no matter where they take place. I’m saddened by it all. This picture shows students praying after the shooting.

Clocktower11-2-2001 SPU  This time it’s a little too close to home! No, I don’t live in Seattle or even anywhere near Washington. I don’t know any of the people involved. But I know about Seattle Pacific University. This picture shows the Bell Tower.  I’ve only been there to visit. It’s a great Christian university.  I’ve known both faculty members and students in years past.    What the news didn’t say is that Seattle Pacific University is a Free Methodist Church University.

I’ve been Free Methodist since I was about two years old. The Free Methodist Church is evangelical, thus the university is evangelical. Satan is no respecter of persons, of church denominations, of Christians, of non-Christians. But he will not defeat us. God is in control, even when it doesn’t look like it! I praise God.


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Go Megan!

Our seventh grandchild to graduate from high school, Megan. Eight more to go!!!??????????????????????????????? We’re proud of each one of grandchildren, as are all of our friends proud of their grandchildren. Megan is an A/B student and will be going to university, majoring in biology.

We’ll have four grandchildren in universities this fall! Annie, Tyler, Max and Megan. It’s an exciting time of life!

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