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Enjoying Spring

It’s work but Jerry loves mowing the grass with his John Deere tractor. He honestly couldn’t do it without it. Yes, he has two tractors – a red Wheel Horse and a green John Deere. The Wheel Horse is quite … Continue reading

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Beginner Home

Our first house was a small beginner house. Ā I loved it.     It was built by Jerry with the help of brothers, Jim and Bob, brother-in-law, Roger, and a few others, myself included.   Jerry began building in April … Continue reading

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Looking Over 2012

I can’t believe this is the last day of 2012! Well, I’d better believe it because tomorrow is 2013! This has been an interesting year. I started it out with Shingles! That wasn’t fun! Jerry took good care of me! … Continue reading

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Jerry and I went cruising this afternoon in his MG! We both love it! We rode out in the country first and then into town and we just happened to go by an Ice Cream Shop! The MG automatically turned … Continue reading

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Riding in the MG

Today we went to church in the MG. The weather is perfect! I was wishing the other car, in the picture, wasn’t there and then I realized it’s just like our car! So it’s okay!!! šŸ˜‰ I’m not real happy … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Today was a very good Mother’s Day for me! My TV cabinet is lined with mother’s day cards with loving notes written in them and signed by my children and grandchildren! I’veĀ receivedĀ phone calls from my children and skyped with one. … Continue reading


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I’ve been so busy ever since I arrived home from my trip to Colorado. I’ve not had the time nor the inspiration to write a blog. Jerry is working on his MG. A friend is helping him. I can’t wait … Continue reading

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Jerry and John Playing…I Mean Working!

Jerry finally got to mow the lawn this afternoon. It was a cloudy, cool afternoon. He did the whole thing, the back yard, side yard, front yard, along the driveways. Jerry and John got along well and the two of … Continue reading

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John Deere

Armon sitting on Grandpa’s new John Deere tractor! Well, he did it. Jerry bought himself a brand new John Deere mowing tractor. He and Rob are out getting it ready to run. They’re putting the grass collectors on now. It’s … Continue reading

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