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Here I Am…

Well, here I am sitting…lying on the sofa feeling sickly. Every few minutes I stop to cough or blow my nose.  I had a tooth break off this afternoon. Can anything else happen?  Oh yes, as I lay here complaining … Continue reading

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Freedom To Be Me

I wrote a post on my first blog, free to be me at about the freedom to be me. We had such rules when I was a child. Rules that, looking back, hardly made sense. But at the time … Continue reading

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Basketball and Old Barns

Armon’s last basketball game for this season was this morning. Jerry wasn’t feeling well so I went by myself. Armon is a great little basketball player. I saw him make two baskets this morning for sure and possibly three. (It’s … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 13 USA Wisconsin

Driving through Wisconsin today we saw a couple of interesting sights. We didn’t take time for any sightseeing. We wanted to get to Chicago. These flags commemorating lives lost in battle was at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The next picture is … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 10 Canada Saskatchewan

Some interesting sights along the way. I love to take pictures. Tim, son, was very good to stop and let me photograph interesting (to me) sights.     Elevators will soon be a missing piece of history!       … Continue reading

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More Cakes

# 1 A graduation cap cake for Tyler’s high school graduation open house. This wasn’t the only cake at the open house… # 2 My brother, Richard, had a Schwin bicycle when he was a boy, back in the 40’s. … Continue reading

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Aanas Museum

When my second cousin died my brother and wife inherited his belongings. This is the actual telephone from the old farm. The pictures surrounding it are from the farm. There are two pictures of my mom here. One when she … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 7 Israel Part 10 Nazareth 1998

As interesting as all that history and all those ruins were it was a welcome sight to actually walk through a town in existence today. Nazareth. Where Jesus grew up. Pic 1 was supposed to be last. It’s our group sitting in … Continue reading

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The Netherlands

I love The Netherlands. We have many friends there. We’ve been there. I love the wind mills, the architecture of the homes and other buildings. My friend, Vivian, gave this Delft Blue plate to me. The wooden shoes we bought from … Continue reading

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Sciatic Nerve and Old Letters

Oh boy, I’ve got a problem with a sciatic nerve. Pain goes from my hip all the way down my leg. About a year and a half ago I suffered with this and went to physical therapy. They worked wonders and … Continue reading

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