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You’re Never Too Old To Ride A Merry-Go-Round

Missoula, Montana has a fascinating, enticing, nostalgic merry-go-round! We can’t go through Missoula without stopping here! Even though we live in Michigan this is our fourth time to ride this carousel! The first time was in 1984 with our two … Continue reading

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I’ve mentioned before about our son-in-law, Gene, loving to cook.         Today he outdid himself! Steak, Dungeness Crab, Caesar salad, corn-on-the-cob for Jerry, mango! I’ve told him Dungeness Crab is my favorite so he surprised me today! … Continue reading

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We’re moving along. We were only in Idaho a short time and only in the southern part. I didn’t get very many pictures. We stopped to eat supper and stayed over night in Meridian, Idaho. We ate at the Ram … Continue reading

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Gene and Chris

My son-in-law, Gene and my nephew, Chris, are both very good cooks! Monday Gene cooked a spaghetti dinner like no other. In my absent mindedness I neglected to take a picture of him and his great accomplishment. But I do … Continue reading

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Yesterday…The Day That Was…

What a day yesterday was! Tuesday, August 20. I didn’t know what to do about going to see my mother, age 99 1/2 years. I had a ticket purchased for August 31. What if she didn’t live that long? I’d … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Gene

Happy Birthday, Gene! Yah, it’s your turn! I know…it’s tough! Are you being treated right today? Special even? It’s a regular work day so maybe this evening will be set aside just for you! If we lived closer I’d bake … Continue reading

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Wrong Again

Okay, I was wrong again! Oh, you’re not surprised…! Pam and Gene won’t quit until the job is done! The porch ceiling was the only part left. We, Jerry and I, thought it could wait.   Pam is still working… … Continue reading

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Wow, a huge job almost finished! Yesterday Pam and Gene were both on the scaffolding finishing the west side of the house. This morning they used it to do the upper half side of the garage. Then it was returned … Continue reading

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Oops, I forgot Monday

Sunday was a day of rest…church, open house, golf, ride, ice cream cones. Monday Gene power washed the front porch. What a big job that was!         The wood we have stacked on the porch was simply … Continue reading

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The Next Step…

With the house all power washed the next step is putting a coat of sealer on. We rented a scaffolding for this job. Gene is on the top and Pam is one section down, both are brushing a sealer onto … Continue reading

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