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Haleigh and I Are Going to Mexico

My granddaughter, Haleigh and I are going to Mexico! We haven’t decided on a date yet. We just found out we’re going today! We’re so excited! Let me tell you how it came about… Haleigh and I have been talking about … Continue reading

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Nobody But Just Us Chickens

Camp meeting has always been a part of my life. Now days it’s called family camp. But it’s the same thing. I’ve been going since I was just a little girl living in Iowa. We started out with a big … Continue reading

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All In The Day Of Me At Camp

Here we are at our family camp. I just thought you might like to know what goes on here that brings us back year after year after year… In fact, I’ve been attending family camp  or camp meeting, as it … Continue reading

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What An Evening This Has Been

Oh boy, it’s fun to write blogs of nice days, where everything comes up roses! In about an hour’s time this evening everything turned up-side-down for me! We’re getting ready to go to our family camp. It’s such a big … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Andrew

Happy, Happy Birthday, Andrew! You were my first grandchild! And you were a joy!  Everything around me reminds me of you when you were a boy! The trail around our woods. You worked so hard chopping small trees and clearing … Continue reading

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Family Camp

We’re at family camp this week. When I was young it was called camp meeting. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship and refreshment. We have many friends also camping here. We’re close enough to home that we can and do … Continue reading

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