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Molly Mama

I wrote about pregnant Molly just the other day. Well, today she is a mama! Six babies!  This picture doesn’t show all of them! She had six altogether! Two tan, two chocolate and two black! She’ll be a good mama! My … Continue reading

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Duke, Heidi and Molly…etc

I love dogs. Most of you know I love dogs. Here are three of the best, now living: Duke, a Dalmation, lives in Colorado. Molly, a Yellow Labrador Retriever,  lives in South Carolina. Heidi, a Yellow Lab Husky, now lives … Continue reading

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Heidi and Caicai

Pets are perfect therapy! I’ve done two unrelated things to help take the stress off myself. Here’s one: Heidi is a beautiful dog, a Yellow Lab Husky from Alaska. Dogs are such good therapy. Heidi belongs to Jennifer, my brother … Continue reading

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We have a niece and nephew who live within a half mile from us. They have six huskies! Ruhl is quite the outdoor person and built, for them, a great, large dog run in the woods right behind their house. … Continue reading

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Meet Molly! She’s an intelligent, loving, energetic, sweet, six months old Yellow Lab.! She belongs to Christy’s family. Christy is my youngest daughter. Molly loves to lie on the sofa beside Jerry when he’s reading. He keeps the pillow between … Continue reading

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Harley To The Rescue

Harley suddenly jumped up onto the bed and began nudging, with his head and paws, into Bob!  Bob was sound asleep. He didn’t even know his wife, Emmie, had gotten up in the night. She was up alright…no, she was … Continue reading

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Dogs: My Best Friends Part IV

Bernie is our watch dog today. He’s strictly an outside dog. He’s a St Bernard, but not a pure bred. I love him and I’ve posted about him before but since I’ve been writing about all of our dogs I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Dogs…My Best Friends Part III

When our youngest son, Rob, was in high school we decided to get another dog. Rob and I went to the dog pound to see what was available and what would make a good pet for us. There were so … Continue reading

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Dogs…My Best Friends Part II

Trixie and I loved to go cross-country skiing! We had a woods behind our property with lots of trails and was great for cross country-skiing. The minute I got my ski’s out Trixie would start barking and leaping into the air! She … Continue reading

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Dogs…My Best Friends

We’ve had the best dogs over the years. Our first dog was Rusty. He had so much personality! When I fed him he would look up at me, like he was thanking me, before he started eating! He was very … Continue reading

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