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Vacation must be over…Time to get to work!!!

Jerry, my husband, is a list maker. He has a list of jobs to be done and he checks them off as he accomplishes them. My guys seem to love cutting and splitting wood. Tim is manning the chain saw. … Continue reading

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Company’s Here

Our oldest daughter, Pam, and son-in-law, Gene are here from Chicago. First thing this morning they took us to Lanny’s for breakfast! Then we went to the mall. These men were playing bag pipes and drums. They were very good. … Continue reading

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Yesterday I received a blow. Ouch! Briefly, here is what happened. Our neighbors were having some trees cut down. After hearing several fall, I decided to walk over and see what was happening. Believe me…I know to keep my distance, … Continue reading

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Saturday Jerry was out with his little saw trimming off small low branches. It wasn’t anything strenuous. He’s not able to work like he used to. Wellllll, one of the little branches went the wrong way and hit him in … Continue reading

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More Work Done

I couldn’t believe how much work our daughter and son-in-law, Pam and Gene, did while they were here. They arrived from Chicago on Saturday night at midnight. Sunday we went to church, ate a Sunday dinner of roast beef, etc. … Continue reading

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A Day To Cut Trees…

When our kids come home they always want to cut trees! We always have trees to cut… Gene also cooks for me! Here he’s cooking our breakfast! You can’t see it very well, but he’s threatening me with a knife! … Continue reading

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Finishing the job

Once the tree is down there is still lots of work to do. Clean up! This is not a tree to burn in a wood stove. Too bad… It’ll go on the big burning pile.

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Josh is fastening the chain so the tree will fall away from the house. The big Pine Tree that was too close to our house is down! It was even leaning toward the house but our guys are so good…they … Continue reading

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