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The Gang’s Here…minus a third…

Our Canadian family arrived on time! There are now 10 grandchildren here! South Carolina, Saskatchewan, Canada and Michigan are represented. Illinois is still to come…  We have turned the garage into a dining room! It worked great! We’ll just add … Continue reading

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Looking Over 2012

I can’t believe this is the last day of 2012! Well, I’d better believe it because tomorrow is 2013! This has been an interesting year. I started it out with Shingles! That wasn’t fun! Jerry took good care of me! … Continue reading

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Basketball and Old Barns

Armon’s last basketball game for this season was this morning. Jerry wasn’t feeling well so I went by myself. Armon is a great little basketball player. I saw him make two baskets this morning for sure and possibly three. (It’s … Continue reading

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Tea Time

Tea Time at Grandma’s house! This is not a tea party! It’s tea time! You can’t have a tea party with boys! But Armon loves tea and always asks for it so we had a special tea time with the grand-kids who … Continue reading

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Surprise Ending

We just had a fun birthday celebration kind of weekend. My last blog told of Ted’s fifty-first birthday yesterday, November 10. He and his girls came over for the weekend. I fixed his favorite dinner from his childhood. Chicken & … Continue reading

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Real Grandma

I’ve posted a lot of pictures and blogs about my grandchildren and myself. It’s all so fun and loving. There are never accidents or problems, arguments or fights.  It was recently brought to my attention that I surely can’t be that perfect! … Continue reading

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Senior Day at the County Fair

Today is senior day at the county fair. That means it’s free for old people like me to park. So my grandkids and I went back again today. My daughter-in-law, Jessica, even went with us today. We didn’t go near … Continue reading

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Fun at the County Fair

Today was kid’s day at the county fair. That meant tickets could be purchased for $14.00 instead of $20.00 per child and they could ride as many rides and as many times as they wanted. My kids (grandkids) rode and … Continue reading

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Cousins Last Night and Goodbye

The cousins had a sleep over last night. I didn’t interfere. They stayed up as long as they wanted, got ice cream when they wanted, turned their light off as late as they wanted (after midnight), talked and giggled as late … Continue reading

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