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Where did the week go? I said I’d write a new post every Monday…so here we are! My granddaughter, Bella, was here for two weeks. She’s a delightful girl with a very pleasant personality. I can’t believe she’s 12 years … Continue reading

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Fun With Family and Friends

Besides family being here for Easter dinner we also had some of our Chinese friends, Kevin and Lily.   Bella, Sydney Danielle, Jerry and me. Ted was here too. I love cooking a big dinner and setting the table, correctly, with … Continue reading

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I Lived In A Chicken House?

I was in fifth grade. My family had just moved from East Peoria, Illinois to Waterloo, Iowa. We were living in Grandma’s house until we could find a house for us. It was a large boarding    house so Mother … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Annie

Happy Birthday, Annie! You are so beautiful! You were our fifth grandchild and our first granddaughter! We were so happy to welcome you into our family of grandchildren! You’re quite the world traveler, having lived in Malaysia and Texas and now … Continue reading

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Saying Good-bye and Renewing Friendships

Today I said “Good-bye” to my cousin, Erma. It was time…she was 95 years young. But it’s hard to say good-bye, even when they’re older. She was a cousin on my dad’s side of the family. Her mother lived to … Continue reading

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My Last Farewell

The morning after Mother’s memorial service we, Jerry, Pam, Gene and I, headed for Washington. Mother’s ashes were to be buried with Dad’s at Stanwood, Washington. I just can’t believe both of my parents are gone. Jerry and Gene loading … Continue reading

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A few More Pics

This was one of the best weeks of my life! I must post a few more pictures. Sitting around the campfire. Tim and Pam. Elmise spent two hours curling Bella’s hair! A beautiful girl doing a beautiful job on a … Continue reading

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What? It’s Time To Go Home?

Family time is drawing to a close.Pam and Gene and Matthew have gone home to Chicago. Goodbyes are not fun. Thanks, Matthew for coming and for surprising me! Ted and Bella also left Sunday afternoon. Come back soon!!! It’s a … Continue reading

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Random Shots From a Great Family Time

Camera’s were hot all week. So here are some random shots… Bella is roasting marshmallows but something has everyone’s attention! Shauna, Elmise, Pam Bella, Ted & Christy.     Oh dear, the go-cart is up on a couple of sawhorses! … Continue reading

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The Old Go-Cart Goes Again

Well, the guys got the old go-cart fixed again! What a fun morning! We bought the go-cart, used, when our boys were young. Now they and our grandkids are having fun! Mason driving… Kaleb is directing traffic!     Rob … Continue reading

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