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Adapting to Change…Music in Church

The church I’ve attended and been a member of, since I was old enough to join, has gone through major changes, over the years, including music in the church! I have an old Free Methodist Hymnal, Copyright 1910. I love … Continue reading

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Here I Am…

Well, here I am sitting…lying on the sofa feeling sickly. Every few minutes I stop to cough or blow my nose.  I had a tooth break off this afternoon. Can anything else happen?  Oh yes, as I lay here complaining … Continue reading

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Adapting to Change…

I’ve been writing kind of a series on my early life and the need to adapt to the changes in life as I’ve grown older. My family belonged to a very strict evangelical denomination, my dad was a pastor. Rules … Continue reading

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She Likes It…

Elmise liked her rainbow cake! It’s about gone now so it didn’t last long! Her birthday is actually Monday. She’ll be 11 on 2/11.       She and some friends are having a camp out in the living room! … Continue reading

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Adapting to Change – Dress

I think I could write a book on the changes of dress over the past seventy years! As a child in the 40’s I only wore dresses. We didn’t have very much money so my mother made my dresses, many … Continue reading

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Adapting to Changes – Telephone

As I watch my grandchildren respond to life today I can’t help but go back in my mind to when I was their ages. I was born in the late 30’s, was a child during the 40’s, a teenager during the … Continue reading

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Gotcha Day

Yesterday was Gotcha Day! Three years ago yesterday our son and daughter-in-law, Rob and Jessica, and our grandchildren, Tyler and Haleigh, flew to Florida to get their, soon to be, adopted children, Elmise and Armon. They were among the first … Continue reading

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Christmas at School

Last evening we went to our grandchildren’s school for their Christmas program. Jerry wasn’t sure he wanted to go because of all the noise, congestion and traffic, etc. I mentioned how much it would mean to our grandkids. Pretty soon … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things are (in no particular order): Huckleberries, Delicious Apples, dogs, Bible, animals,  nature, night sky, antiques, blue sky with white clouds, Jesus, sunshine, lighthouses, nature, old barns, flowers, trees, God, deer in my yard, pie, Sound … Continue reading

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The Pendulum is Swinging…

I can’t help but notice all the changes… Not too many years ago girls were embarrassed to have their bra straps show. Today they show them on purpose! Folks used to dress up for church. Not because it was a spiritual requirement … Continue reading

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