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I Lived In A Chicken House?

I was in fifth grade. My family had just moved from East Peoria, Illinois to Waterloo, Iowa. We were living in Grandma’s house until we could find a house for us. It was a large boarding    house so Mother … Continue reading

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Saying Good-bye and Renewing Friendships

Today I said “Good-bye” to my cousin, Erma. It was time…she was 95 years young. But it’s hard to say good-bye, even when they’re older. She was a cousin on my dad’s side of the family. Her mother lived to … Continue reading

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We finally crossed over into Wisconsin today. Yes, we’re getting closer to home.             I saw lots of old barns and was able to photograph some.   What is this fascination of mine with old … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

We are homeward bound! It’ll take us all week but we should arrive home by Saturday evening. Our first day east we went through Washington, Idaho and into Montana.         We drove through beautiful country…the pictures don’t … Continue reading

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An Iowa Girl

I’m an Iowa girl. That should make me a farm girl. My relatives were all farmers. Some still are… I wish I was a farm girl. I’d have made a great Iowa farmer’s wife! I’ve never even lived on a … Continue reading

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Basketball and Old Barns

Armon’s last basketball game for this season was this morning. Jerry wasn’t feeling well so I went by myself. Armon is a great little basketball player. I saw him make two baskets this morning for sure and possibly three. (It’s … Continue reading

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Inside An Old Barn

On a spur-of-the-moment turn into a driveway I was taken back, way back in history. Yes, it was a driveway where there is an old barn. I gingerly knocked on the door of the house. A man answered my knocking. … Continue reading

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A Fun Day With Grandchildren

Elmise and Armon, our two grandchildren from Haiti, were with us for most of the day today. They were very good and we had a fun day. Here they are making cookies. They made all shapes except I wouldn’t allow … Continue reading

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Old Barns II

I’ve been able to add to my collection of old barns. My sister-in-law, Cookie, stopped at several old barns, so I could take pictures, the day we drove north in Colorado to go to the Wild Life Sanctuary. My brother, … Continue reading

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Old Barns

I love old barns. I suppose it goes back to my childhood days in Iowa. My relatives all lived on farms but we didn’t so when we went visiting I loved going into the barn. I loved the animals: cows, … Continue reading

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