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We met at Cracker Barrel! You know…it’s a wonderful place to meet and eat! Christy, me and Susan. Christy and Susan. Cousins just a few months apart in age but always many miles apart. We each drove an hour and a … Continue reading

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Pregnant Molly

Molly is the sweetest, most well behaved dog ever! She’s a Yellow Lab.   Oh, Molly is pregnant.    It’ll be over soon, Molly, I promise…                   She looks so miserable. I remember that feeling! … Continue reading

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A Day To Honor… And Remember…

September 4, 2013 was a day to remember both my mother and my sister, Lorraine. It was the day of the memorial service for Mother and it was the day that one year ago Lorraine suddenly died. So it was … Continue reading

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A few More Pics

This was one of the best weeks of my life! I must post a few more pictures. Sitting around the campfire. Tim and Pam. Elmise spent two hours curling Bella’s hair! A beautiful girl doing a beautiful job on a … Continue reading

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What? It’s Time To Go Home?

Family time is drawing to a close.Pam and Gene and Matthew have gone home to Chicago. Goodbyes are not fun. Thanks, Matthew for coming and for surprising me! Ted and Bella also left Sunday afternoon. Come back soon!!! It’s a … Continue reading

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Random Shots From a Great Family Time

Camera’s were hot all week. So here are some random shots… Bella is roasting marshmallows but something has everyone’s attention! Shauna, Elmise, Pam Bella, Ted & Christy.     Oh dear, the go-cart is up on a couple of sawhorses! … Continue reading

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Everyone Smile…

Here we are: Everyone smile now!!! No funny faces! We asked a friend, Harold Klassen, to take our picture today after church. I think he did a good job considering there were 21 of us of all ages and he … Continue reading

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The Gang’s Here…minus a third…

Our Canadian family arrived on time! There are now 10 grandchildren here! South Carolina, Saskatchewan, Canada and Michigan are represented. Illinois is still to come…  We have turned the garage into a dining room! It worked great! We’ll just add … Continue reading

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New Friends

Jerry and I made some new friends while we were in South Carolina. Our daughter, Christy, was having a house full of company with Max’s graduation and open house so her next door neighbors graciously offered their guest room for … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

I woke up about seven o’clock this morning and I was actually in my own bed! We arrived home last night after 1:00 AM. I’m not sure of the exact time. We had a great time with family both in … Continue reading

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