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My Bucket List

My Bucket List I’ve been working on my bucket list for a few years now. It’s not terribly exciting. I’m not young any more. It keeps changing…like celebrating my mother’s 100th birthday. She died last August at 99 1/2 years. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Annie

Happy Birthday, Annie! You are so beautiful! You were our fifth grandchild and our first granddaughter! We were so happy to welcome you into our family of grandchildren! You’re quite the world traveler, having lived in Malaysia and Texas and now … Continue reading

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Where Are They Going?

Where are they going? My grandchildren, I mean. Haleigh…where are you going? You look so beautiful in your new homecoming dress!         Last spring I took pictures of my granddaughters walking away from me.   Sydney, you … Continue reading

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Going To The Airport

Today we took our Canadian family, Tim, Shauna, Kaleb and Annie to the airport so they are in the air as I write this. On the way we stopped off at Frankenmuth for lunch. We ate at Zehnder’s. Only Kaleb … Continue reading

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The Gang’s Here…minus a third…

Our Canadian family arrived on time! There are now 10 grandchildren here! South Carolina, Saskatchewan, Canada and Michigan are represented. Illinois is still to come…  We have turned the garage into a dining room! It worked great! We’ll just add … Continue reading

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Looking Over 2012

I can’t believe this is the last day of 2012! Well, I’d better believe it because tomorrow is 2013! This has been an interesting year. I started it out with Shingles! That wasn’t fun! Jerry took good care of me! … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Annie

Happy Birthday, Annie! Oh my goodness, how the years have flown by… You were our first granddaughter! We loved our grandsons but after four, we were ready for a granddaughter! You fit the mold perfectly! Now, here you are…all grown … Continue reading

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Travel Log # 10 Canada Saskatchewan Annie

Okay, two more pictures of Annie’s graduation. This is the end. This is the entire class…minus one. A fellow classmate died during surgery. It was a shock the entire class felt. They paid tribute to her. Annie is on the … Continue reading

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