Graduation Open House

Max’s graduation and open house are now history! A lot of work went into making the open house a success. With a house full of company, 13 to be exact and eight of them being kids, you can imagine the work that needed to be done in preparation! I saw the Banford family get in gear! Each one had a job to do and it was done! I have a picture in my mind of Miller vacuuming the stairway! Maddie’s job was to empty the dishwasher, but not the knives, she informed us…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was busy making a watermelon fruit basket. Maddie helped me a little with this big job!




We had a good time working together.





Christy went to pick up the cake.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe fruit basket was ready.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaddie was still running around with her play clothes on. I said to her, “Maddie, you better change your clothes…we’re having a party! You’ll want to look nice!” She stopped and looked at me…I could see her little mind working. She ran upstairs and when she came down she was so pretty!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe were ready for the party to begin! Doesn’t Max look happy here? He’s a fine young man!



The boys, Alexander, Miller, Mason and Jason and Molly, the dog, were waiting patiently for the guests to arrive.


Here are the next door neighbor’s bringing in their gift…an ironing board that fits over a door and an iron so he can keep his clothes OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlooking neat! The iron is a Black and Decker iron so it’s more manly! Christy had told them Max always wants his shirts ironed and he does it himself!


Near the end of the open house we asked Max to put on his cap and gown so we could take some family pictures with him. He graciously obliged!

The first OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApicture here is his own family. Sean, Max, Miller, Megan, Christy, Maddie and Mason. A beautiful family.


Grandpa and Grandma Banford and Max.







Max’s Aunt Kori (Sean’s sister) and family. Grandma Jean (Uncle Bill’s mother), Uncle Bill, Max, Aunt Kori, and Jason.






Grandma and Grandpa Archer and Max.(Jerry and me) with Max.






Uncle Jamie (Sean’s brother) and family. Alexander, Uncle Jamie, Max, Olivia and Aunt Magdalena.

Can you tell I’m proud? Max is our sixth grandchild to graduate from high school. Nine more to go!


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