My Old Friend, Dean

Anita0002Dean and I first met when I was 17 years old. He was 18. We were both born in the same year but he in the spring and me in the late fall. He was a senior in high school and I was a junior the year we met. We had both gone to Wessington Springs Jr. College and High School in Wessington Springs, South Dakota. I was from Iowa, Dean was from Idaho.




We were very good friends but we didn’t date. Well, we  Anita0001did have one date and that was to a Sadie Hawkins Day roller skating party. Girls invited boys. I, very timidly, asked Dean if he’d be my date. Guess what?! He said, “Yes!” We remained good friends the three years I attended there.

I transferred to Spring Arbor College in Michigan. He went on to Roberts Wesleyan College in New York.


Now skip forward to 2012. Facebook connected us! What a pleasant surprise! More then 50 years had gone by! We discovered after retirement we both lived in Michigan Log Homeand we both built log homes! You can read about Dean & Norma Beguhl’s on here at  A Visit With Friends in Another Log Home. An easy way to find it is to go to the list of subjects at the top of this page and click on ME. Then scroll down to A Visit With Friends In Another Log Home. This first picture is our home.

?????????????????This is Beguhl’s home. They are totally different so there’s no way to compare them. I love them both but , of course, I’m partial to ours! Our logs are Cedar from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Their’s are Douglas Fir from British Columbia, Canada.

Dean is staying here with us this week while he attends a wood carving class. His wife, Norma, stayed home because of previous commitments.

He’s eating breakfast in this picture before he leaves for class.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ???????????????????







One evening he took us out to supper at Applebee’s and afterward we walked the Tridge. It was a very pleasant evening. The weather was perfect! Here Dean is on the left, Jerry is on the right.


The Tridge is a unique bridge that crosses over the three rivers that come together:

0521131950Tittabawasee, Pine and Chippawa Rivers.




It was a perfect day for taking pictures! The 0521131947reflection in the river was so clear.






The three bridges meet in the center making the bridge into a tridge!







Jerry and Dean are looking at something here. If you look on each side you can see the  other sections of the Tridge.


We’ve had good times in the evenings reminiscing, discussing and sharing. Eating OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAblueberry pie put us in a good mood!


Dean at his woodcarving class working away on his project!

He’s carving with Montana Cottonwood Bark.



He gave us one of his Whimsical pieces he carved recently. I love it!

I’m showing both sides of it here so you can see it better. If you click on them you’ll be able to see details better.


Thanks, Dean, for a great week with an old friend!


About allinadayofme

I can't believe I'm in old age! I'm now in my eighties! I'm a child of God, wife to one, mother to five, grandmother to 15 plus two granddaughters-in-law! I'm a great-grandma now! I'm a sister, aunt, cousin, friend and neighbor. I'm a housewife and former ESL tutor. I love reading and writing. I've just retired from writing and editing a newsletter, Prime Time News, for seniors. I love genealogy, traveling, birds and animals, blogging and taking pictures.
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