A Tremendous Worship Hour and A Celebration of Life

This morning our church body met as usual, but today we met with heavy hearts. A family who is loved by everyone in our church lost their 12 year old son by a self inflicted gun shot wound. He was a wonderful boy, so loving and helpful, a good friend to everyone. I’m not just saying that because he’s gone now. He truly was a cheerful friend to all. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled when he smiled.

Our pastor said it best: “There’s a rumor going around and I want it stopped right now. JakeBecause Jake ended his own life doesn’t mean he’s gone to hell. He was a Christian boy, there’s no doubt about it. He loved God. Jesus was his personal Savior. Let’s not limit God’s Grace.” Thank you, Pastor Dave. He went on to say what some strong medicines can do to a person’s mind. Jake was on medicine for seizures, strong medicine. How sad.

We had communion this morning. We don’t have it every Sunday. It had been scheduled for today about a month ago. It was very meaningful today as Pastor Dave talked about grace and what it means. How we all need God’s Grace.

The funeral itself was truly a celebration of Jake’s life. It was held downtown in the Methodist Church because our church building was too small, but our Pastor Dave and Pastor Scott were in charge.  The Methodist church was pretty packed, including the balcony,  with friends and  family.

Yesterday at the viewing, (actually it was a closed casket) in the funeral home, there were more than a thousand folks lined up to give their condolences to the family! The line was all the way out in the parking lot and some folks waited over an hour and a half to finally make it inside! It was cold out and part of the time it was snowing!

After the funeral today everyone was invited to our church for an open house luncheon. It had to be a come and go type open house because our fellowship halls (2) wouldn’t accommodate everyone! Jake’s favorite foods were potato chips and cheese pizza! So that was served, along with sandwiches.

So now this very sad and difficult weekend is ending. I’ll always remember Jake and I believe I’ll see him again…some day!

This is kind of a ps. At the end of our first service a woman had some kind of a seizure! My wonderful daughter-in-law, Jessica, RN, was right there to assist her until the ambulance arrived! Of course a fire truck came too! Oh my, the excitement! My understanding is that she’s okay now.

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I can't believe I'm in old age! I'm now in my eighties! I'm a child of God, wife to one, mother to five, grandmother to 15 plus two granddaughters-in-law! I'm a great-grandma now! I'm a sister, aunt, cousin, friend and neighbor. I'm a housewife and former ESL tutor. I love reading and writing. I've just retired from writing and editing a newsletter, Prime Time News, for seniors. I love genealogy, traveling, birds and animals, blogging and taking pictures.
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6 Responses to A Tremendous Worship Hour and A Celebration of Life

  1. Ruth says:

    Wow…what a hard thing to have to go through. Prayers for the family and for all who knew Jake.


  2. Donna Sizemore says:

    It was a wonderful, moving and emotional service. I have prayed for the young woman as well. I was wondering if they admitted her and how she was doing.


  3. christopher j says:

    Nice reflection Aunt Anita, on what i can only imagine was a tough Sunday. Thankful that Jesus is bigger than us.


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