Dogs…My Best Friends Part II

Scan0018Trixie and I loved to go cross-country skiing! We had a woods behind our property with lots of trails and was great for cross country-skiing. The minute I got my ski’s out Trixie would start barking and leaping into the air! She loved going with me and could hardly wait for me! She would run ahead, then stop and look back at me until I caught up with her. Then she’d run ahead again, barking all the Scan0015 - Copyway!

We still had Trixie when Pinto came to us.


It was the fourth of July…we had taken the kids to the fair grounds to watch the fire works. We drove our pickup truck, the kids were in the back while Jerry and I stayed in the front seat of the truck. A car driving by suddenly stopped, a kid jumped out and came running over to our truck. He stopped and tossed something into Christy’s lap! She was surprised and a little scared! But it was a little, tiny dog! Christy quickly came around to the door of the truck to show the dog to Jerry and me. What should we do? The car had driven off. If we put the dog out she would surely be run over. She was so scared, she was trembling. I took the dog and said we’d keep her over night but in the morning we’d take her to the dog pound. We put her in a big box in the basement for the night. We didn’t hear a sound out of her all night. In the morning Christy wanted to show the dog to her best friend, next door to us. Well, Vickie was gone for the morning. We waited for her to come home…in the meantime we all fell in love with this little, tiny dog! So, instead of going to the dog pound, we went to the vet! He told us she was about two years old, had been badly abused and was a Chihuahua. She was filthy dirty and was covered with sores. He gave her a bath and a shot. He gave us vitamins for her and told us to give her a bath every day for a week, then take her back to him at the end of the week. When we took her back after just one week, her sores were all gone, she had a healthy look in her eyes and was a completely different dog! We named her Pinto because she reminded us of a little Pinto Pony! We all loved her, even Jerry, although he didn’t want to admit it!!! She was Christy’s dog. Pinto and Trixie got along great! They chased each other in the yard and chased the squirrels and chipmunks! They had a great time together…until one day they chased a chipmunk across the neighbor’s driveway. Pinto, being so small, wasn’t seen by our neighbor who was driving up the hill. Pinto suffered a broken bone, but lived. Their chasing days were over though. Trixie seemed to understand.

After a few years Pinto got heart worms. Our vet was a wonderful, kind, thoughtful person. We just couldn’t afford to leave the dog at the clinic for a week of treatments, so he said if we’d bring her in everyday we could keep her at home and save the huge fee of leaving her there. We were faithful, taking her in every day and in the end she was worm free.

Another crisis we had with Pinto was when she was missing for a whole week! We called and called but she didn’t come. We searched the woods behind our house.We checked with all the neighbors but no one had seen her. We no longer had Trixie so she couldn’t help us find her. We were so sad. On Saturday I had to take Christy to meet a bus to take her to a music camp for a week. When we stepped outside to leave, there was Pinto lying on the back sidewalk just outside the door! I picked her up, she was trembling! “Oh, Pinto! You’re back! Where have you been?” Her little feet were cut and bleeding! What should we do? We couldn’t just leave her at home while I was gone for several hours. I put a little blanket in the center of the front seat and took her with us!

Another interesting incident took place that day after I left Christy with her friends at the bus. I’ve already written that story. You can find it at Anita’s Adventures, at (You have to omit the n because I made a mistake and I don’t know how to correct it!) The name of the story is Oh, Oh, Someone Is Going To Get It!  It’s dated January 17, 2011.

Scan0019 (2)One time the son of some friends came to stay with us for a week or two. His dog came with him! Whoa! What a contrast! In the picture is Rob and Pinto and David and Rusty! The two dogs kind of ignored each other!

Scan0017 (2)

After Pinto was hit by the car, chasing chipmunks with Trixie, she often walked on her two front feet, especially in the winter when the ground was cold or covered with snow.

We had our sweet little Pinto for thirteen and a half years which made her fifteen and a half when she died! She died in her little bed. We knew she wasn’t doing well. I called our vet and he actually made a house call! He said she was bad and he’d be back the next day with some better medicine. She died that very evening. We all felt so, so bad. We loved her so much. I’ll never forget her.

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5 Responses to Dogs…My Best Friends Part II

  1. Pam says:

    What I remember most about Pinto is that when you would send her to bed she would go right away and cover herself up with her blanket. And I always felt bad when Trixie would sit in the kitchen doorway while we ate in the dining room. Trixie would never cross that forbidden line, but Pinto would.


  2. sydneyandkay says:

    Yes this happens a lot with animals it is so sad 😦 I will miss them dearly (all the animal that have been in my life) when you said in another post that dogs used to be allowed to run free in the backyards or property.. Well my benson that I walk stays in the property and yard he never leaves or ever will he does not need a leash when were walking so he seems alike Trixie and he is a Golden retriever ! Thanks love you grandma
    Syd ❤


  3. Heath Franco says:

    i think i heard about this not too long ago, still interesting though,


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