Christmas Eve Advent

This evening we went to the Christmas Eve service. It was very good. It began with the

Children's Bell Choir

Children’s Bell Choir

children’s bell choir. They played two songs, it was really cute and they did a good job. Be sure to click on the picture.

The whole service was really good and worth going to.

When we came home Rob and Jessica and kids came over so we could open gifts together. Jessica is a registered nurse at the hospital and has to work tomorrow. It was OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfun opening gifts. Jerry opened some mints!

Jessica opened a beautiful scented candle.


Everyone got a gift card! Alright, let’s go shopping!

Well, my pictures are mixed up now.

Jerry and me standing in front of our staircase just after I’ve taken the stockings down.  In the next picture I’m actually taking the stockings down to give to the kids. This stocking is for Armon.  Next we lit the Advent Candles and had a lunch of cinnamon rolls and brownies! Rather a sugar fix before going to bed… They sure were good! Then Armon is blowing out the advent candles before they go home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went upstairs and took a picture from the loft. Everyone is in the picture except Jerry and me. Ted, Bella, Haleigh, Sydney, Elmise, Rob, Jessica and Armon. Giving out stockings


Advent wreathe and snacks



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2 Responses to Christmas Eve Advent

  1. Iris Duff says:

    I love the uniqueness of the bird’s eye view picture you took from the loft.


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