Basketball and Old Barns

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArmon’s last basketball game for this season was this morning. Jerry wasn’t feeling well so I went by myself. Armon is a great little basketball player. I saw him make two baskets this morning for sure and possibly three. (It’s my memory that isn’t so good!) In this picture he’s front and center with his arms outstretched. I took lots of pictures but most didn’t turn out good. Someday Armon is going to be a star player!

I’m blessed with thoughtful relatives! I’ve posted on here before about my fascination with old barns. This week two different people sent me pictures of old barns! Neither knew the other was doing it!

WMy sister-in-law, Cookie, sent me a package of note cards with pictures of old barns in Colorado! I scanned them into my computer this morning and will add them to the barn pictures I took in October with her in Colorado. Thanks Cookie! Here’s just one of them.

My second cousin, Kay, sent me pictures of old barns, some she took and a couple of calendars of old Jbarns! She grew up on a farm in Iowa. This is a picture of it from the air. She told me my dad had a fascination with barns too, so I come by it honestly!

One of the barns on a calendar she sent me reminds me of the barn on my cousins farm, in the early 50’s, outside of Waterloo, Iowa. It was a big old round barn. It wasn’t painted nicely red like this one is. At least I don’t remember it being bright red. It did have a downstairs, like this one, where  animals went. We, kids, Rhad so much fun in that old barn. We built hideouts in the bales of hay with tunnels going from one hideout to another hideout. I’m surprised we weren’t hurt lifting those big bales of hay and moving them around to make our hideouts! But that old barn is gone now and there are no pictures of it that anyone knows of.  Oh, such memories!

About allinadayofme

I can't believe I'm in old age! I'm now in my eighties! I'm a child of God, wife to one, mother to five, grandmother to 15 plus two granddaughters-in-law! I'm a great-grandma now! I'm a sister, aunt, cousin, friend and neighbor. I'm a housewife and former ESL tutor. I love reading and writing. I've just retired from writing and editing a newsletter, Prime Time News, for seniors. I love genealogy, traveling, birds and animals, blogging and taking pictures.
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