The Wild Animal Sanctuary # 2

I had such a good time and such an eye-opening experience at The Wild Animal Sanctuary I decided to write about it again. It’s a haven and a 720 acre refuge for rescued lions, tigers,bears, wolves, leopards, camels and other large wild animals. Most of these animals have been confiscated by law enforcement agencies after being found kept illegally in people’s basements, apartments, garages, barns and other terrible places.

Picture # 1 is my sister-in-law, Cookie. She took me here because she knows what a great refuge it is for these animals. She’s a former volunteer here. All the workers are volunteers so all the money that comes in from admission and from donations goes to the care of the animals.

I love Morris, the camel. I rode a camel up Mt. Sinai in Egypt a few years ago so I have a soft spot in my heart for camels.

There are over 290 exotic animals living in the large acreage habitats. For those living in Colorado or visiting Colorado it’s just 30 miles northeast of Denver.

To see lots more pictures go to a former post from a few days ago. If you want to look it up on the internet it’s or write to

The last picture is tiger laying  beside a platform raised by chains. It looks like the tiger is chained to it but he’s not. He’s free to walk anywhere or climb up onto the platform. He just happens to be lying beside it.


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  1. sydneyandkay says:

    I had such a great time at your house grandma and it was so cool to learn about this place I wish I could have been there sounds so exciting!!! Love you can’t wait to see you for Thanksgiving!!


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