Travel Log # 13 USA Colorado

This is the Royal Gorge near Canyon City, Colorado. We took a train ride through the bottom of the gorge beside the Arkansas River. My dad took us to the train to the nearest stop on one side of the gorge, he kept the baby with him and then picked us up at the other side wherever the stop was. It was a beautiful ride. The rest of the pictures of the Royal Gorge on at the bottom of this post.

We went to see the Cliff Dwellings in Colorado. If you love history, like I do, then it’s a must to go to visit. My mother, Timmy and I are in the picture.





Here is Pikes Peak from many miles away. Such beauty!!! I took this picture on one of my recent trips to Castle Rock, Colorado. The mountain is 14,115 feet! Click on the picture to see it’s beauty.

Jerry and me up Pikes Peak in 1964. My dad drove us up the mountain… Oh dear. That was an experience! Jerry had his foot on the brakes and we were in the back seat!!! I was so relieved when we got to the top of the mountain…but I suddenly realized we still had to go back down! Well, needless to say, we made it safely!



Our family at that time: Jerry, Teddy, Pammy, Timmy and me. It was so cold…brrrrrr. We weren’t dressed warm enough. Thank goodness I had a blanket around the baby.

My parents were living at Canyon City back in the 60’s when we went to visit them and show off our new baby boy, Timothy Lee.


The first place my dad took us was the Sky Line Drive. Whoa! I never want to go on that road again!












This picture shows the town of Canyon City from the Sky Line Dr.




Here are more pictures of the Royal Gorge. We, of course, drove across the bridge. That was scary! It was worth the drive though! The bridge is 955 feet above the Arkansas River.


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2 Responses to Travel Log # 13 USA Colorado

  1. Barb says:

    We drove to the top of Pikes Peak when we lived in Colorado Springs. Oh my! My nerves were a bundle when we got to the top! Everyone else kept saying “Look out the window!!”. I looked once and saw how close to the edge we were driving and then I couldn’t look at again! Like you we did make it down and they bought me a china plate to commemorate my making it up there and back! =) Great pictures Anita!!!


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