Travel Log # 10 Canada Part 9 Ontario – Portaging

I have the most adventurous memories of Anjigami Camp. Our friend, Jim, the leader of the pack took Jerry and me portaging. I had no idea what was in store for us but I was game! Just the three of us starting out hiking. I love to hike so I was thoroughly enjoying myself following them through the woods. Then we came to the end of the trail and the beginning of a lake. Oh… Now I had never heard of portaging! Jim went down to the water’s edge and pulled a small boat up far enough so we could get in. There was a small engine so he started it up and away we went across the water to an island. After docking the boat Jim took the motor with us as we went on hiking. There were tracks in the mud to study and bird calls to try to identify. Soon we were at the other end of the island and there was another small boat just waiting for us! Away we went again. Jim carried the small motor now from boat to boat. This was repeated over and over again! I loved it! Jim explained to me that this is simply a common convenience for fishermen and hunters. At the very last island there was a rustic cabin for folks to stay in over night. We didn’t stay but made our way back to the camp where the rest of our friends were enjoying themselves. A fisherman would have been at the height of his glory in a place like this. Jerry isn’t a fisherman so we only hiked and rode across the waterways, but it was incredibly enjoyable to us. An experience I will never forget!

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2 Responses to Travel Log # 10 Canada Part 9 Ontario – Portaging

  1. Pondering Something says:

    That sounds like fun! Well except for the carrying the motor part. How were the bugs on those hikes?


    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! It was lots of fun. The motor was very small so it didn’t look bad carrying it. He left the motor at the last boat for the next hikers/fishermen. I don’t remember bugs so they must not have been too bad.


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