Travel Log #8 Egypt Part 8 Sand Storm

To make our trip to Egypt complete we ended it with a sand storm! Picture 1 is the Nile River from our hotel window. Picture 2 is the same scene several hours into the storm.

Picture 3 is looking from a different view over the city. Picture 4 is several hours into the storm. Then picture 5 is even more hours into the storm.

This was our departure day! We did go to the airport but all planes were grounded. Picture 6 shows how we had to keep our noses and mouths covered. Needless to say we didn’t leave that day. We were taken to a hotel, not the beautiful Marriott Hotel where we’d been staying. They had already booked our rooms to new folks. We were taken to a less than satisfactory hotel. Bad. But we survived and later the next day made our way home to the USA.

A newspaper report by the Associated Press said this sandstorm grounded planes, forced the Suez Canal to close and caused four deaths in the Middle East. Yes, it was a bad one but it gave us one more memory in our bank of memories of the Middle East.

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