Sciatic Nerve and Old Letters

Oh boy, I’ve got a problem with a sciatic nerve. Pain goes from my hip all the way down my leg. About a year and a half ago I suffered with this and went to physical therapy. They worked wonders and I got complete relief.

Well, now it’s back. I remember some of the exercises I did back then but they’re not really doing the trick. I hurt especially at night. I need more than just a few stretches. This morning Jerry and I walked at the mall. It didn’t hurt at all…until we were home. Then I began to really feel it. So I guess I’ll not be walking for a while. I have a sort of a rowing machine here that maybe I can use. It might be a little less strenuous than walking. I’ve got to keep exercising.

I found out some interesting information today about Restless Leg Syndrome. I’m reading old family letters that were saved by a great aunt of mine, then I’m throwing them away. Some are very, very old! I’m only reading them in case there is some important and interesting news.  Here’s what was so interesting to me today. My great-aunt Henrietta wrote, in one letter, about how her legs ached and got jumpy at night. The only relief came from getting up and walking around! Oh my goodness. That’s me! I must get it from her! I have heard that Norwegian people suffer from RLS a lot. My mom’s side of the family were full blooded Norwegian! So, thanks a lot Great-aunt Henrietta for passing your RLS down to me! I’m on medicine for it though and they didn’t have that back when she was alive.

In another letter I read that my parents youngest daughter, Anita, was getting married and then only youngest son, Billy, would still be at home! That’s me! She was writing about me and my younger brother!

So life goes on. I’m over my horrible cough only to have my sciatic nerve act up. In comparison to some folks problems mine are nothing. This is a whole new year and I’m going to make the most of it in as positive a way as possible. God is my Anchor and my Savior.


About allinadayofme

I can't believe I'm in old age! I'm almost through my seventies! I'm a child of God, wife to one, mother to five, grandmother to 15 plus two granddaughters-in-law! I'm a great-grandma now! I'm a sister, aunt, cousin, friend and neighbor. I'm a housewife and former ESL tutor. I love reading and writing. I've just retired from writing and editing a newsletter, Prime Time News, for seniors. I love genealogy, traveling, birds and animals, blogging and taking pictures.
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8 Responses to Sciatic Nerve and Old Letters

  1. My Mum had Sciatic nerve problems too and it is soooo painful!!! I am praying for quick relief!


    • Thanks for your comment, Kathy. It is really painful and irritating. I think I’ll probably have to go back for physical therapy. But first I have to go to the doctor so insurance will pay for it. I’m taking two extra-strength Tylenol about three times a day now.


  2. Pondering Something says:

    Why don’t you scan the old letters into your computer before you throw them away? Then you will have them for future reference without them taking up space in your house.

    Make sure you are sitting at your computer properly and not too long – that was part of the problem with your sciatic last time. Hope you get some relief soon!


    • Oh Pam, most of the letters are talking about the weather or so and so is sick with a cold. She tells the crops that have been planted or harvested, etc. I’m keeping the ones that have information about about family but otherwise I’m tossing them. I can’t believe they kept all these letters. I go through some and then just have to stop for a while, sometimes months in between, and then go back at it again. In two letters now I’ve read about her restless leg syndrome. She didn’t know what to call it but she describes it to a T.


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  4. Stacey Radford says:

    there are times that nerve pain can be severely debiliating. i also hate high intensity nerve pain which can be quite disturbing. :’::;

    Warmest wishes


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