Pastor Dave explaining to the folks the difference be going and being sent!

Pastor Scott praying with the elementary kids.

Miss Emma praying with the preschoolers.

Dan challenging the teens and praying with them.

Pastor Dave sending…

Last evening my church family met in the park. Well, some of my church family… We’re a church of 400 people, have four pastors, two services every Sunday. The commissioning service was very inspiring. Our pastor determined to not just have our teachers and students going back to school but to SEND them back to school. They are to live out the Love of Jesus. What a great concept. It doesn’t mean to preach at or be overbearing. It does mean to love the unlovely, be a friend to the unfriendly, study to show themselves approved…

I missed a picture of Pastor Eric praying with the parents of college students. These students are already gone. I praise God because He is Omnipresent.


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2 Responses to Commissioning

  1. ruth says:

    What a great idea…love it!


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