Grandma’s School #7

Today we postponed our school time until 3:00 this afternoon so Jerry and I could go to the funeral of an elderly friend. It’s really best to have a regular time and in the morning when we’re both fresh. Today was okay but I want more than just okay! I read him a book, it was a little too long, I think. We went over our flash cards of words…it’s getting better every day! Then we read the next story in our reader. I have some math flash cards…he likes that best!

Today we watched a blue jay take a bath in the bird bath. That was new to him, he didn’t know birds took baths! We also found an interesting bug so we captured it. I’m not sure what to do with it but I think an insect collection would be fun and interesting for him.

His alphabet book is coming along. We’re making progress but tomorrow will be an even better day because we’ll get back to our routine.

About allinadayofme

I can't believe I'm in old age! I'm now in my eighties! I'm a child of God, wife to one, mother to five, grandmother to 15 plus two granddaughters-in-law! I'm a great-grandma now! I'm a sister, aunt, cousin, friend and neighbor. I'm a housewife and former ESL tutor. I love reading and writing. I've just retired from writing and editing a newsletter, Prime Time News, for seniors. I love genealogy, traveling, birds and animals, blogging and taking pictures.
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